What is Group "GOZAINh?

It's a volunteer interpreter and tour guide group which is located in Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture.
"GOZAIN" means "You are welcome to visit us.h It's our Miyagi dialect.

We present warm "hospitality" as interpreters and guides to foreign visitors and residents in English. We are willing to help you enjoy many spots in Sendai and other areas in Miyagi.

It's our great pleasure to introduce you to interesting spots in Sendai and Miyagi.



Aiming better "hospitalityh in English as volunteer interpreters and tour guides, we have continued the following activities:

1) Culture exchange with foreigners:
Once a month, we hold a periodical meeting. We have invited foreign guests who are living in
Japan. We have enjoyed finding out the differences from other countries, their cultures, etc, which enriched our knowledge about foreign countries and people. We have been able to communicate with many foreigners from different countries until now.


2) English study class and guide training:
English study class is the purpose of training volunteer interpreters and guides. This class is held twice a month.

We also have made guide books of the tour spots. These guide books help a lot while guiding. And we practice training using these guide books.


3) Cooperation with other groups to enrich our quality of full "hospitality":
We have enriched our quality of hospitality through the cooperation of other Japanese guide groups and international exchange groups. Our goal is to provide the best "hospitality" to foreign visitors and residents.


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