Contact GOZAIN

Please contact Hiroko Uenohara and Yutaka Suenaga for more information on free* guided tours with our volunteer English-speaking tour guides.
If you want to have a tour guided by us in Miyagi prefecture Japan, please contact us at least two weeks before it. (In the case of itinerary is already fixed.)
If you want to have our arrangement to fix your itinerary of your tour you want to be guided by us, please contact us one month before it.
We are familiar to Sendai and Matsushima area in Miyagi prefecture, Japan.

1) Hiroko Uenohara
Phone/Fax: +81 22 266 0762

2) Yutaka Suenaga
Phone: +81 22 341 6710

We look forward to hearing from you !

*The tour guide service is free. You pay only for transportation and admission fees.

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